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    • OEM Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone Wireless Earphone Tws headset
    • OEM Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone Wireless Earphone Tws headset

    OEM Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone Wireless Earphone Tws Headset

    MOQ 500 PCS
    Packaging gift box+carton
    Lead Time 20


    Quick Details

    Material ABS Transmission distance 10-15M
    Wireless Yes Duration Around 4 hours
    Brand Customized

    Product Details

    1. Wireless Bluetooth TWS earphone has no less than 10M Transmission distance.

    2. Capcity of earphones :30mAh (Energy Bin 300mAh,can satisfy 5 charges)

    3. Duration: Around 4 hours

    4. Time of Standby: Around 180 hours

    5. Noise reduction


    Best Sound Quality Bluetooth Earbuds:

    The OEM Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless earbuds have a 10M transmission distance and are the best wireless earbuds we've tested; they are the best wireless earbuds we've tried. They have a very natural sound profile, a 4-hour playback length, and a standby time of around 180 hours. That's adaptable enough ABS plastic components supplier for a variety of audio formats. These well-built ears can filter out a good deal of background noise, allowing you to concentrate on your audio.


    Version with Bluetooth:

    Bluetooth versions differ from headphone versions in that they include features such as improved transmission and battery life and the addition of extra codes to reduce lag and latency. Downward compatibility is supported by all Bluetooth standard versions, which implies that a smartphone running Bluetooth 5.0 function with Bluetooth 4.2 headphones and vice versa.


    To test the update bluetooth version, we look for it in the headphone's documentation, whether in product manuals, specification sheets, or just checking the box. Please assume that the information provided with the headphones does not allow us to verify the Bluetooth version.


    Pairing Multiple Devices:

    Multi-device pairing allows you to connect your Bluetooth headphones to numerous Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing you to use each source to its maximum potential. Bluetooth headphones with multi-device pairing can connect to a Bluetooth-enabled laptop and smartphone simultaneously, allowing you to listen to music, make calls, and use the microphone on both devices.


    Some headphones allow partial multi-device pairing, which means they can use the microphone to make phone calls on one Bluetooth device while playing and controlling music on another. However, because we don't currently test for partial multi-device pairing, it isn't factored into our score.


    We try to pair and connect the headphones to two different Bluetooth devices to test multi-device pairing (currently two Android phones). Then, we test both the media playback and microphone control channels on each system to check that they all work simultaneously.


    The Bluetooth multi-device pairing test excludes headphones that can mix music from Bluetooth and another RF wireless source; it is only for Bluetooth multi-device pairing.