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    DongGuan Leadwin Plastic Hardware Products Co., Ltd

    DongGuan Leadwin produces large Scale both high-quality plastic and metal components which are always meet customer's demand. We fully know market decide everything,so we exactly focus our energy on cost down while producing satisfied components for customers.

    We are professional in plastic and die casting base on 20+ rich experiences. Our aim is not only to offer high-quality products but to create them and sell at affordable price.

    We truly appreciate the none-stop supports from our customers who either encourages us to move forward with praises ,compliments and suggestions.

    • Enterprise Goal

      Seeking the market by quality, seeking customers with service, and gaining benefits by management.

    • Dedication Spirit

      With a high sense of responsibility and dedication, we persist in overcoming setbacks and using all the wisdom of work stress and the pleasure from work.

    • Team Spirit

      Team members are resources and solidarity, and are the more inexhaustible resources of the company.

    • Professional Spirit

      Each employee deals with all problems and professional perspectives and knowledge.



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    Building 2, No.2 of DongJiang Road, QiShi Town,DongGuan City,China.